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Safety Hand Gloves

Safety & Care of human hand is most important. Not only in Industries but also in many other areas like cleaning, construction, trekking, Chemical protection , gloves are widely used.

Typical Specifications
  • Environment Type: Oily, Dusty, Acidic
  • Chemical Type: nitrile, latex, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and neoprene.
  • Palm Size: 7 cm to 11 cm
  • Coating Verity: Rubber Laterx, Nitrile, PU coating, Thick Foam Nitrile, Sillicon Coating, Alluminised Coating .
  • Shell Material: Cotton, Naylon, Denim, HPP, Cavelar Coating Type: Palm Coating, 3/4th Coating, Full Coating
  • Strap Type – Nape, Ratchet, Chin Cup
  • Length: 8", 14", 16", 18"
  • Fitting Type: Wrist Fitting, Safety Calf Type
  • Standards: EN388 , EN388/2016 A, B, C , D E, F (For Cut Testing), EN374 (for chemical Code A, B, C….L) , EN407(For Heat Resistivity) A-Flame, B-Contact Heat, C-Convetion Heat, D- Radiant Heat, E-Small Splash of Molten Metal, F-Large splash of molten Metal. EN511(Cold Burning) A-Convetive Cold, B-Contact Cold, C-Permiability, EN FDA Food Grade 177, US FDA 172, Electrical IS4770, IEC60903, EN455 Class1- 7.7kV, 2-17kV, 3-26.5kV, 4-33kV, 0-1kV, 00-0.5kV
  • Tear Testing - Level1, 2, 3 , 4
  • Puncture Testing - Level-1, 2, 3, 4